FrontPage 98 For Dummies


Build world-class Web pages — no design experience or HTML required! FrontPage makes it easy to create the Web site of your dreams — once you can get a handle on all those features. That's where this friendly guide comes in. With plain-English explanations and a dash of humor, Web design expert Asha Dornfest shows you step-by-step how to make the most of FrontPage — and build a Web site with all the bells and whistles. all this on the bonus CD-ROM Bonus chapter — Advanced Additions: ActiveX Controls, Java Applets, Plug-ins, and Scripts Shareware versions of PaintShop Pro, WS_FTP LE, Anawave Gravity, and WinZip Freeware version of Microsoft PowerPoint Animation Publisher and Player and Microsoft Office Viewers Evaluation version of ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus PC running Windows 95, 98, NT 4 or later; 16MB RAM; CD-ROM drive. See the CD Appendix for details and complete system requirements.

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Asha Dornfest
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